Bellydancing Party

Shake your shimmy and sway your hips when you and the girls learn fun,flirty moves and put them all together for a choreographed group veil and dance routine. Hip scarves are available for purchase (1hr)


In Studio-$175 up to 10 people, each additional person $15/person. On Location-$200 up to 10 people, each additional person $15/person



Unleash your inner "Kitten" and learn basic burlesque moves such as the bump and grind, and shimmimes using boas and satin gloves. This party includes a choreographed group chair routine, and props for use during the party. Masks and props available! (1.5hr)


In Studio Only-$200 for up to 10 people. each additional person is $15/person




Zumba Party

Schedule a Zumba party at home with a group of friends or Join us for a one hour Zumba class! Workout and meet women with similar goals make friends and have FUN!!!! Also, what a great way to raise funds for that special cause or charity. Instead of your usual run of the mill charity event, why not move Latin style to raise money for donations to aid your favorite organizations?


In Studio-$65  On Location-$125