Wine Tasting &

Bottle Service

Raleigh and Durham are home to many exciting and hot Clubs and Bars.  Party in style and class by ordering Bottle Service. 


Remember you will bypass the lines (one hour or more) and cover ($20 or more each) will be waived for everyone in your party.  Additionally, you’ll get somewhere between a dozen & 20 mixed drinks out of a 750ml bottle.


Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Experience

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and progressive wine tasting with up to 8 friends in a beautiful wine room private to your group. Glass doors surround the room so others can envy your experience! If you have more than eight girls, we can arrange for the wine tasting outside the room.


Wine Tasting

A gourmet cornucopia awaits with delicious cheeses, chocolates and food pairing provided and prepared by you! Tease creates a classy and unpretentious atmosphere for your private wine tasting and pairing class with our expert sommelier.


At Home Wine Tasting

Celebrate with friends with a fun and relaxing night by indulging in a wine tasting experience right in your own home. Choose from the current selections of wine tasting flights and have your wine ambassador provide an entertaining night of wine tasting.


For Pricing and other information please contact us using the information on our contact us page.